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SOLAMENTE EN SAN MIGUEL 2017, A Literary Celebration
Me Llamo Marianne Cañedo Bohr, an essay which celebrates the author’s Hispanic heritage, is included in an anthology about the extraordinary city of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.

SOLAS AWARDS–Annual Awards by travel writing publisher, Travelers’ Tales, honoring excellence in travel writing.

Corsica Interrupted–Gold Award in the Elder Travel category

My Monemvasia–Bronze Award in the Destination Story category

An Encounter in Montparnasse–Silver, Transformation category

A Wide-Eyed Schoolgirl–Silver Award in the Travel and Transformation category

The Tour du Mont Blanc–Silver Award in the Travel and Sports category

The Marrakesh Express–Honorable Mention overall

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My Monemvasia

My attraction to Monemvasia was immediate. This hardscrabble chunk off the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula is a rocky piece of post-antiquity Greece, its back to modernity, its face to the cerulean sea. An earthquake in 375 AD separated [...]

Me Llamo Marianne Cañedo Bohr

“Did you know that Maya Indians have crooked fingers?” my grandmother asked as she massaged my oddly shaped adolescent pinky, its knuckle forever sore. “It’s true,” she said as I winced, shook my head, and tilted my head to look [...]

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